It´s a good idea to write on a loose piece of paper in class and then copy everything nicely at home. If it works for you, divide your notebook into sections specified below. It also helps to have a binder or a file (files) for all the photocopies and your writing assignments.

The sections:

> Pronunciation (collect words difficult to pronounce)

> Vocabulary

– words with their translations (in two columns)

– words with their definitions

– word families (believe, belief, unbelievable)

– thematic groups (lungs, kindeys, liver)

collocations (you can also divide expressions according to their structure, for example those focusing on prepositions – together)

collections for the Use of English part of your exam  

> Grammar (tables, diagrams, collections eg. for inf/ing)

> Writing (structure and expressions for each kind of writing separately)

In case of CAE, the genres are: essay (obligatory), different kinds of letters, proposal, report, review.

> Speaking (especially for exam students)

In case of CAE, you need expressions for comparing, describing, speculating, exchanging ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing, suggesting, evaluating, and reaching a decision through negotiation.


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