Part 4 in Paper 1 (Reading and Use of English) of the exam are the dreaded transformations. The best tip here is simply: practice makes perfect. Transformations are a bit like maths or puzzles, so just knowing English is not enough – many English people would also have problems with them! But that’s actually good news because, once you know what forms are expected, you will do it almost automatically.

  • remember that you can’t change the word given or put more than six words in the gap
  • do as many transformation exercises as you can
  • write down the full expressions that are being tested or take note of the grammar rules involved
  • put those expressions and rules into different groups such as “phrasal verbs” or “modals”
  • with time, you will notice how they keep reappearing in various books
  • do old transformations again and again using self-made paper cards or


Some examples from Quizlet. com (if necessary, change the options of the flashcards to see the sentences first, not the answer):


In Vince you will find transformations sorted according to their grammatical theme:


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