Part 8 (the last one) of the Reading and Use of English paper looks like a mess – 10 statements that you need to match to several short texts. Believe me, no matter how good your English is, you must know exactly what to do and in what order. With so little time on your hands (especially as it’s the last task) it’s easy to get lost in your own notes, frustrated and panicky.

For example, if you read the 10 statements first, there is no way you are going to remember them while reading the first text.

This is what I recommend:

  1. Read the first text.
  2. Start reading the statements.
  3. If you see a match, underline the fragment of the text that matches the statement.
  4. Put the number of the statement next to it.
  5. Then, of course, put the letter assigned to the text next to the statement.
  6. Finally, cross out the statement, not to read it (involuntarily at least) again.
  7. Go on reading the text and looking for matches.
  8. Each text is usually related to 2-4 statements.

This is the strategy. As to the vocabulary involved or your reading skills as such, as I said before, take notice of what kinds of texts actually appear in the exam (quite serious, aren’t they?), then read A LOT.

You don’t need to study vocabulary while reading – you’ll probably just get frustrated by seeing so many new words or having to stop so often to look something up. What you can do (if you are reading for fun and not working on your exam strategies or reading speed for the exam) is focus on the expressions that you understand but you wouldn’t use them yourself. The “oh, so this is how you say this” expressions. You can underline them and collect in a separate section of your notebook. Then you can study them – and by study I don;t mean reading them again and again. My favourite method, Cinderella, (little pieces of paper) is described here, but Cinderella on voice recorder or are good, too:


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