As I’ve mentioned while describing Task 3 in the Reading and Use of English Paper, English word building could be roughly divided into four different kinds:

Here are some words which you should know, divided according to their word building category:

LATIN/FRENCH – advantageous, advisable, advisory, affectionate, appalling, appealing, avoidance, climatic, coherence, commemorate, completion, conceitedness, courteous, diagnosis, division, endangered, enlargement, enriched, expiry, feminine, iilliterate, immunity, indistinguishable, literacy, numerous, posthumous, rewarding

GERMANIC – acknowledge, baggy, blissfully, broaden, challenging, cookery, costly, depth, earnings, firmly, flavoured, genuinely, golden, gripping, heights, loathing, noiseless, packed, poorly, revolting, sadden, strengthen, tighten, width

COMPOUNDS – bookmark, breathtaking, broad-minded, ceasefire, deadline, footprint, freelance, get-together, half-board, highbrow, lifelong, loophole, mankind, paperwork, pig-headed, screensaver, sitcom, smart-casual, state-of-the-art, teamwork

PREPOSITIONS – backlog, downpour, feedback, off-putting, outbreak, outstanding, outlook, overcome, overrated, undercover, undermine, upgrade, withdraw, workout, worn-out


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