Another way of dealing with CAE writing vocabulary, apart from mastering the synonyms from my previous post, is simply learning the following list. It comprises mainly formal words, which come up again and again in essays, reports, proposals and formal letters  Three or four of them in your piece of writing and your examiner is going to be quite impressed!

I recommend browsing three different online dictionaries to get 3-4 sentences with each of the words. It helps understanding them better. The worst thing you can do is translate each of them into your own language without any examples!

ADVERBS – strongly, fairly, quite, apparently, clearly, considerably, increasingly, pretty (as an adverb!!!), right, hopefully

ADJECTIVES – afraid (to introduce bad news), valuable, endless, likely, further, thorough, universal, ever-increasing, crucial, broad, unattainable, incapable, hazardous, cautious, commonplace, risky, challenging

VERBS – believe, fear, implement, succeed, determine, object, urge, gather, handle, aid, struggle, trigger, lead to, vary, snowball, account for

NOUNS – plenty, sample, rating, origins, issue, pace, visitor, outset, loss, means, view

LINKING – meanwhile, as well as, yet=still, since=as, needless to say, besides, while, worse still, even, even if, even though, unlike, which (especially the one preceded by a comma)

PREPOSITIONS – among, towards, within




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