Essay tips.

First of all, please read all the previous posts on exam writing 🙂

When writing a CAE essay,  as part of your task you are given three arguments with an ready-made sentence for each argument. Remember to only use two of the arguments and, if you wish to use the sentences, never ever copy them – they are not in formal English anyway.

The easiest way to rewrite the sentences is to use passive, along with long words of Latin origin, some of which could be adverbs. See previous posts with lists of formal writing vocabulary. For example, “We need fewer cars on the roads” gets transformed into “A lower number of vehicles on the roads shall certainly be appreciated by local inhabitants”.

Essay – 4-paragraph structure:

  1. a) an opening statement to engage reader’s interest, b) two sentences introducing the reasons for the proposition, c) a closing sentence showing that the matter is urgent
  2. a) sentence introducing the first approach, b) two advantages/ reasons/ examples of the approach, c) a disadvantage of the approach and/or a possible outcome of implementing it
  3. Same as the second paragraph but about the second approach
  4. a) one-sentence comparison of the two approaches, b) indicating which of the two approaches is better, c) explaining why,  d) final recommendation

Begin collecting vocabulary for each element of the structure! Here are some examples:

1a. At the beginning of the 20th/21st century… It is widely known how important… Today’s world is forever changing.

1b. The simple fact is that… It seems ironic that…

1c. It is an issue that x must address. The question is…

2a. One approach that x could take is…

2b. In certain countries, for example, … In some cases, … also … According to… In addition, …

2c. Unfortunately, …

3a. An alternative approach would be to…

4a. In conclusion, … , but in the long term, …

4c. This is the strategy that I would recommend x adopt.


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