In my last post devoted to CAE writing, I’m going to discuss the difference between reports and proposals.

You might feel disappointed that I haven’t written about each genre separately, but I want my blog and FB page to be unique, describing mostly things you can’t find elsewhere. After all, the name of my FB page is “CAE strategies”, not “CAE content”. The Internet and course books are full of CAE writing examples, from which you can draw your own conclusions as to structure and vocabulary. My aim was rather to teach you how to behave during the exam and include preparation tips that you might not have heard before.

As to reports and proposals, they are quite similar. Both require formal language and between 220/2260 words.  Both need a title, section headings, an introduction, around three sections in the middle and a conclusion. The main difference is that you propose something for the future while you report on something that has already happened.


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