Did you know that you can google CAE answer sheets using Google Images? These are the sheets where you mark the correct answers. Have a look at them, read the instruction – it will save you time and nerves during the real exam.

Remember that the sheets are later read by a machine. It’s important to shade the lozanges well, use capital letters if necessary, not to write outside of the box etc.

The lozanges are the little boxes. You don’t just tick them – they need to be completely filled with one colour.

If in doubt, ask an invigilator during the exam – they are there to help.



Some years ago in Poland I wrote and ran two courses for real estate agents, which were certified by Polish Ministry of Infrastructure. Since I’m not going to do that ever again, I’ve decided to make the materials public.

The following downloads are: a set of intermediate exercises in English for Polish real estate agents, a Polish-English real estate dictionary and a set of advanced texts on real estate topics followed by exercises and a revision of the first set.

Angielski dla posrednikow – cwiczenia

Angielski dla posrednikow – slownik

Angielski dla posrednikow – cwiczenia cz. 2